Join our Multi-faceted project, determined to be the best robotic dog-based Metaverse project on the blockchain. Our Project Is Building on Unity 3d metaverse currently in production of the play to earn (P2E). Dogeum users’ will find elements of gaming, crypto, staking, and enjoyable and rewarded experience in one place. Play within a massive universe With 10 unique worlds to explore, travel between different fictions & achieve your goal. Not only that, robotic dog NFTS is in production along with the NFT marketplace.
Welcome to Dogeum & enjoy a full interactive experience!

Phase 1

  1. Web design for dogeum

  2. Website Development for dogeum

  3. Logo Design

  4. Domain and hosting

  5. Team formation

Phase 2

  1. Game development with unique levels

  2. P2E integration

  3. Distribution of token

Phase 3

  1. Social media channel establishment

  2. Telegram group formation

  3. 1000 Twitter followers

  4. 1000 Discord members

  5. Airdrop

Phase 4

  1. Nft minting (Population of NFT)

  2. Nft staking

  3. Token staking

Phase 5

  1. Metaverse game

  2. Play to earn